Voyagers and Kings

Voyagers and Kings

Welcome to the Voyagers and Kings universe – two continents, one world about to change…


Inspired by the legend of Atlantis, tales of Utopia, and various tales of exploration and discovery, Voyagers and Kings combines the genres of Fantasy and the world of H.G.Wells and Jules Vernes, recreating something now lost to us: That the world has nearly always been a place unfamiliar and unknown – a source of fear, wonder and the birthplace of personal voyages of discovery. A world where one side of the world had no idea of the existence of the other. Such is the world of Voyagers and Kings.


Voyagers and Kings started all the way back in 1997.

This massive undertaking has lingered for years on old backups, a universe that I developed for a period of ten years, before the sheer scale of this project lead me to shelve it – until a time when I could do it justice. Since then we have new possibilities that were not available when I started out. We have social media for a start, and sites like WordPress. And self-publishing.

These weren’t around when I begun creating this vast tale of 2 worlds, each living separate existences on one planet. Now, nearly twenty years since the day I felt compelled to create a fictive universe on the scale of our own, the time has come to do it justice. And if you thought Game of Thrones was big, Voyagers and Kings is even bigger.

The Universe

For thousands of years, each civilisation has existed on opposite sides of their planet from the other, each believing their existence was the only existence. Or so everyone believed…

Coranon – the Archaions

Voyagers and Kings is a world not unlike our own comprised of two continents.

Coranon is a progressive civilisation, having just discovered the power of air balloon flight and steam. Iron is being used and ore is in great demand. It is also a totalitarian society, where people live in almost slave-like conditions.

The grand age of Coranon has passed, developing into a ruling oligarchy who renamed Coranon Orphalia, an industrial land comprised of seven industrial states run by the counsel of Caramantum who preside over a continent that possesses few natural wonders, barren, often unfertile, a vulcanic landscape in the North and a mineral-rich one in the South where cities built of iron offer the only sustenance for a population that has never known any other existence than depravity and misery. So it is dystopian. And yet, it is not like any dystopian world envisioned.

The People of Orphalia

Most people know only the reality of the south: Here in the cities the air is so thick it can be hard to breath so full of industrial smog. Heavy industry and over population chaterise the southern warmer lands where long hours in the mines and the mills provide little time for family life. Disease and bad health plague the working populace while the Governers and the Ademicians enjoy the pampered life of the ruling elite.

In Coranon, mining of fire rock is the sustenance of society where most people can only dream of better lives, most living in shanty towns built around the industrial mines and iron-girder infrastructure. Life is a daily routine of sufferance where the luxury of travel is reserved for the few, the flights of the balloons heard distantly above the sulpherous smog that blankets the cities and industrial wastelands.

Antareon – lands of the Vaesons

In the other side of the world, the continent of Antareon reminds us in places of paradise, in those parts of the continent that are not riddled by sand storms or covered in frost and ice. Technology has yet to be invented and life is brutal, but vital and free, as the age of Emperors comes to a close and the age of Kings and Traders is about to begin.

Antareon legends tell of the Vaesons, the original settlers who inhabited lands rich in pasture, buffeted by mild winds between the coast and the mountains. In time, these people multiplied so in time, the people would grow and divide.

Much of the continent is littered by the remains of these ancient civilizations that flourished in times of unity, peace and civilized prosperity. From Arcanór in the West to Estanór in the East, many different cultures clash as the one age ends and another begins. Effectively a number of different cultures, some of them in repression, there is a dystopian feel about Antareon and the loss of a much more elegant, grander past in a way that is similar to the Dark Ages in European history.


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