The Arettel

The Arettel is a merchantman, to be featured in a future book in the Voyagers and Kings universe, converted by Danthrey for the purpose of oceanic discovery, something that has never been attempted before. 

Building on recollections of the ‘Black Ship’, he begins the task of finding an existing vessel suitable for oceanic travel, built of iron and capable of carrying a large cargo of supplies for setting off into the unknown.

The following is a scrapbook for the development of what kind of vessel the Arettel is based on iron-clad designs of the late 19th century – without mast or sail that do not exist in Caramantum.

Design ideas – visualisation · Sources: Wikipedia

I.K. Brunel’s Great Eastern of  – a ship way ahead of it’s time in 1858

here berthed in New York in 1860:

Just prior to breaking up:

The first ironclad: the French Gloire of 1859: an example of a City-class ironclad gunboat

The USS Cairo, a City-class ironclad gunboat 1860’s

The French Redoubtable of 1876: The world’s first iron battleship

Outward-sloping sides: The Japanese Kotetsu, built by the French for the American confederacy: 1860’s

Guns and turret design: French Le Vauban of 1882


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