Antareon: The Ancient lands of Estanór and Arcanór


Arcanór is Old Akonia, the cradle of civilisation. A fertile land land with large swathes of inland pastures, rivers flowing from majestic mountains and a coastal plain from which the nobility of old founded the first independent city states.

For millennia, peace and prosperity rules until the day of the first migrations from the distant West. In later times, again the Western desert people of outlaying Estanór are stirring. Hot winds once again grow coming in from the deserts to cloud the horizon and batter the heights of the Great Ranges sheltering the fertile basin from the deprivations of sun and wind. Vast migrations of displaced people head ever East to the coastal plains of ancient high civilisations. This disturbs the trade of the Merchant States operating both sides of the sea separating the two island continents, seeking allegiances to gain advantage.


As the Shalakkú of Estanór push Westwards, the Barons in the East of Estanór across the Great Ocean must unite to vanquish the last remnants of the old empire and control the trade routes across the ocean between the two lands, or relinquish command of the seas to the growing power of the Shalakkú in the far East.

In the middle, the coastal lands in East and West, the fragmented remains of the once high seats of law and learning, the remnants of the one true civilisation that has governed with restraint and servitude for three millennia, reduced to the glory that is Leionnór struggling to survive in a changing world.

And in the North, from the lands of the Tamtungr mountains, tribes are stirring threatening the end to the last of the great protective imperial fortresses of Leionnór.

Image by Steve Swayne. CC2.0

Image by Steve Swayne, Flickr. CC2.0