Danthrey of Olcander

Ganthrell is a master who lives in a Winder (Mill turned by water like a long corkscrew) by a river in the Greenlands. He is also an engineer of ‘the great iron road’ and takes his grandson Crestan along to show him the wonders of the age.

Danthrey’s background

Master Danthrey is the Master of Engines, overseeing the construction of the tunnels being cut through the earth of the city called Caramantum: A new transport tunnel for rails. 

The first city of Coranàth with a rich past before the city of New Mondian was constructed in a new place. Ganthrell has always wondered why they would build a new city on a new place, leaving the old to rot. Coranon is now a rubble-heap kept out-of-bounds to the populace.

Danthrey’s Story

Danthrey is the knowledgeable Master of Engines, the polymath theorist who forms the policies of the Council in the construction of machines. He is knowledgable practitioner, as well as an Academician.  The sort of person who we today, might call an inventor. One day, Danthrey discovers a secret scroll that has never been identified in Register. Written by a lost mariner, it concerns a fabled land, a lost continent called Pantacoreon.

Thus he begins a quest as to what it is and where it came from, spending late nights in his years-ling quest going through old manuscripts. He discovers that concerning this land  many secretive myths have been woven, rumours deepen and people whisper secrets about the forbidden Halls Of Time.

The Halls Of Time. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

The Halls Of Time. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

Danthrey is discovered and becomes the object of persecution, losing his position and status. He becomes a hunted person, wanted for treason and is forced to go underground, living the existence of a common criminal, forced to keep moving, never staying in one place for too long. Before being banished, Danthrey manages to smuggle one of the books out, placing it in the care of an Adventurer, and with the help of others, they decipher the text, to reveal the book telling of the Master Guardians of a distant forgotten time, guardian of a secret lore that has never been written or codified telling of the Oenír – ‘the ovaries of knowledge’ – coming from the land they call Pantacoreon.