The industrial continent of the North

Courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

New Mondian capital of Orphalia. Courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

Orphalia was once a seafaring nation, who turned to the mining the minerals of the earth, fueling a thirst for industry that has altered the landscape in the South beyond all recognition. In the Province of Phaellica, the once glorious city of Coranon is long forgotten, replaced by the black industrial city called New Mondian, the iron-clad centre of a vast industrial nation where the people live a life of the serf to the industrial machinery of the Counsel, an impenetrable secret elite society of rulers led by the mysterious Loremaster who no one has ever seen.

The rulers have developed a hegemony stemming from the will and knowledge of The Archait, the lawmaker. In Coranonian society there is only one Archait who is unknown, hidden from the public eye, and his or her will is enforced through the various offices of The Counsel of Archaitian Lore.

In the working townships, democracy doesn’t exist. Society continues a kind of Feudalism where the Lords, or Masters as they are called, are an educated elite, a ‘system’ that keeps nations productive and peaceful, but at what price? Commerce is reduced to Counsel-run factories, people working according to the schedules made by the Maistors, put into practice by the corrupt Enforcers who are known locally as the Bludgermen, intimidating people to make an independent living of the Counsel, a practice the Counsel unofficially encourages.


Province of Thallica, Orphalia

The 5 Provinces of Orphalia

The Capital Province of Thaellica

The Province of Islands. Settlements beyond the smog belt. A warmer, milder climate. Mostly dry. Like France. Can be warm. Towns of: Dorton Garth, Nadd Taria, Whern, Idlon Pel. New Mondian (Coranon) takes up most of the province

Islands: Carron, Pethrey, Stenloy, Arstoy

Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

Towards Dorton Garth. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer


The moors of Feldland, a treeless windy plain with few inns. A harsh, rain climate. Inhospitable.  Notable for moors without trees, barren, rocky and windswept where only the hardiest of folk can survive. But they are free.
Townships of: Buckten, Taggeltop, 
Dorlegh, Padwold, Foggerfeld, Bucklethwait, Fettlecot


Feldland. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer.

Province of Atherwold

As ardent a place as can be found on Orphalia, Atherwold features fertile valleys and many small communities. Rain falls often, fields green. Most natable are the riverland towns of: Burbank, Renlcroft, Tashfold, Atherwell.

Province of Lorigal

Towns: Sephtor, Hoth Salia, Caramantum

The most beautiful and green country with a few forests, woodland streams and industry. The province of Lorigal where lives the overlords of the cities of Sephtor, a town bridging the river Shainmouth, the great Orphalian cities of  Hoth Salia and Caramantum to rival New Mondian are the places where traders eager on expanding their influence, challenging the power of the Oligarchy. It is from the new merchants that Master Pyginius gets much of his knowledge, expecially concerning the secret ship, bringing with it a great wealth from across the seas.

Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

City of Sephtor. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

Province of Thracken – the Firelands

The mines and wasteland live a precarious life on the edge of lava flows. Black and desolate but rich in minerals like coal and iron. Like Iceland. Here are the furnaces located on hills, black smog permeates the air, air balloons carrying the iron ore to the steelmills for smelting. The people live in communities around and underneath the mills and mines, living in appalling conditions bordering slavery.

Mountains of: Thracken Skar, Thracken Garth, Neckra Tarn, Dortis Fel, Iddelfeld

Image by Steve Swayne. CC2.0

Iddlefeld Peak. Image by Steve Swayne, Flickr. CC2.0