The Story

The Dawn Of A New Age

Courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

New Mondian. Image courtesy of Jordan Grimmer

A World Divided

For millennia, two worlds have lived in isolation, each ignorant of the other. Then came the day when Ganthrel of Olcandor discovers a rare manuscript in the Counsel archives.

In the land called Coranon, the Counsel has rules for a thousand years, the Authority to rule absolute. Of the ancient Houses Of Lore, the Academicians in the capital New Mondian use their days compiling the Annals, the accounts of the mining and industrial operations that have made the Authority rich beyond imagine, who is the landowner, who is the owner and accounts of all the taxes that have to be paid according to a meticulous keeping of the records.

It changed everything.


In Pantacoreon the remnants of the old civilisation of the Founding Fathers have for the most part crumbled to dust. In Old Arcanór, the deeds of the Great War can be glimpsed amongst the remnants of mountain top and coastal fortresses. For the most part, these are forgotten by lands locked in conflict as the peoples of the distant West are forced to migrate ever Eastwards before the threat of an ever-expanding desert where the remnants of age-old civilisations bear witness to grander and greener pasts.


In Estanór, the time of the warlords draws to an end. Tribal lords fight for supremacy of the highlands as merchants flood the gaps left by the retreat of the once graceful empire of Lunsillion: A continent divided between East and West. In the West, the lands of Arcanór are suffering under the onslaught of Shalakkú advances into the old lands of Lúnsillon. In the East, the Northern lands of the Empire of Leionnór fall once again into the control of local tribal Barons vieing for control of the North.